European Para-Badminton Championships 2016

October 25th - 30th - De Haamen - Beek - Limburg - Netherlands



With the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century came to an end all previously acquired and established feudal rights. Disappeared the main bank. Emperor Napoleon spent more regularity in chaos. From 1800 Spaubeek became an independent municipality and also Beek got its own municipal government. This was until 1830 under the United Netherlands, between 1830 and 1839 South Limburg was part of the Southern Netherlands (Belgium) which had separated. Since then, the municipalities were able to develop into calmer waters. The present municipality Brook on January 1, 1982 resulting from the merger of the former municipalities Beek Spaubeek. All this happened in the context of the municipal reorganization of South Limburg.


The nearly 17,000 residents of the municipality Beek have the choice to live in an area with steedse airs or in more pronounced rural villages as Spaubeek, Neerbeek, Genhout, Geverik and Kelmond. The ancient centers of the villages have been carefully preserved, while in the newer extensions is given specific attention to spatial aspects, selective development and lavish landscaping. A large number of leisure opportunities are available including swimming pool, riding-stable and sports complex and a thriving social life typical of Limburg. Also, the municipality Beek has a highly developed banking system, not to mention a variety of shops.

Techno Port Europe

The municipality Beek is rich in several historic churches, chapels, patrician houses and some impressive farms. It is also the Maastricht - Aachen Airport, emerged from one by the American liberators by the end of the Second World War (1944) established American military airbase en route to be developed into an international air cargo center. On the north side of Maastricht - Aachen Airport is the business Techno Port Europe established.



inhabitants: 16.068

Phone: +31 (0)46 43 89 222


Address: Raadhuisstraat 9, Beek



From historical municipality to Tech environment.


A nice place to live, worked or spend your holidays.

Beek and envirement

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