unique province, rich in nature, culture and history with a thriving innovative business community.


A province that unites tradition with progress and serves as a home and workplace for over 1.1 million Limburgers from a range of different cultural and

geographical backgrounds. A province that appeals to many as the perfect location for work, study or pleasure.

People love Limburg!.

European Para-Badminton Championships 2016

October 25th - 30th - De Haamen - Beek - Limburg - Netherlands

Welcome to Zuid-Limburg!


Welcome to Zuid-Limburg! Relax and enjoy life in the southernmost province of the Netherlands. Experience its warm hospitality, be surprised by its culture, and delight in its extraordinary natural beauty. An unforgettable experience guaranteed!


Visit Zuid-Limburg

Relax and enjoy life!



Of the twelve Dutch provinces, Limburg is the most European of them all. We share more borders with Belgium and Germany than the rest of the Netherlands.


Everyday life here has always involved contact with areas that are today located outside our national borders. Our geographical location and history mean that cross-border cooperation has become a fact of life. Limburg is part of four European regions and together with our neighbouring countries Germany and Belgium we face challenges in a number of different areas. Given its strategic geographical position, Limburg is keen to develop within the European Union into a truly European region.



Limburg’s economy is also closely knit with those of the surrounding areas in Belgium and Germany. Together with knowledge institutes and the province’s business and industry community, Limburg is hard at work developing campuses that will forge strong alliances between the education, science, government and business sectors within the region and beyond. Limburg’s unique position both geographically and culturally calls for a well thoughtout, strategic, and responsive policy that delivers tangible results. Our provincial government is the body responsible for overseeing and implementing these policies.


Province of The Netherlands

inhabitans: 1.100.000+

Phone: +31 (0)43 - 389 9999


Address: Limburglaan 10, Maastricht


Tourist Board:



The region that Limburg encompasses today was inhabited as early as 250,000 years ago during what was termed the Old Stone Age. Evidence of these early settlements can be found in the archaeological finds discovered in the Belvédère quarry near Maastricht dating from that period.

Over the centuries, the region has been ruled by the Romans, Spanish, Prussians and French, each of whom have left their indelible mark. After the Napoleonic wars in 1815, Limburg was united under the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. King Willem I decided to name the region ‘Limburg’ after the ‘Limbourg’ castle in the Belgian Ardennes, the seat of a medieval principality. Following Belgian secession in 1839, Limburg was divided between the Dutch and Belgian crowns.

The seven key tasks


1. Sustainable spatial planning and development, including water management.

2. Environment, energy and climate.

3. Vitality in the countryside.

4. Regional accessibility and regional public transport.

5. Regional economy.

6. Cultural infrastructure and historic preservation.

7. Quality of public administration.


Discover Zuid-Limburg


The region of Zuid-Limburg: in the east it borders on Germany, in the south and west on Belgium. As the centre of this border triangle ‘The Netherlands – Germany – Belgium’, Zuid-Limburg boasts a limitless variety in a small space!

Zuid-Limburg is the southernmost part of the province of Limburg; the northern part is called Noord-Limburg and the central part Midden-Limburg. From the city of Heerlen at the easternmost point, to the city of Maastricht at the westernmost point, the distance is just about 24 kilometres! The north and south of Zuid-Limburg are about 40 km apart. Zuid-Limburg is a tourist area, truly deserving of the ‘small is beautiful’ motto.

Zuid-Limburg: great variety in a small place!


There is so much to do and explore that time will be short when visiting Zuid-Limburg. Exciting caves in Valkenburg, the maze in Vaals, magical theme parks, award winning GaiaZOO in Kerkrade, flower gardens, spacious parks, cultural events, monuments, water sports on the river Maas, skiing in Europe’s largest indoor ski arena, and so on!

No matter what the weather or season, there are countless ways to spend an unforgettable day full of variety. In Zuid-Limburg you will never get bored!


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